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Vari-Form Employee

New Vehicle Discount Programs

Ford X-Plan:

  1. Visit and enter your Partner Code – K6LMA

  2. Select the “PINs” tab from the top navigation

  3. Enter the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number; and your name, address, city, province and postal code to obtain your PIN

  4. Print your PIN Certificate and bring it along when you visit a participating dealer

  5. Identify yourself as a X-Plan Partner Recognition participant, and provide the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number and your PIN to confirm eligibility

  6. Provide proof of employment with your Employee I.D. card or recent pay stub

  7. Select an X-Plan eligible vehicle and ask for a copy of the invoice to confirm X-Plan pricing

  8. Complete the purchase or lease agreement and arrange for delivery

  9. Sign the AXZD-Plans Pricing Agreement and Customer Cash Payment Authorization form

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